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You will to overcome the barriers relate to the lack of sufficient funds? What to do to minimize the risk of a faile investment? The answer to all these questions may be cooperation with CBRTP – work, opinions , opportunities for financial support. Let’s find out what the Center for Research and Development of Technologies for Industry SA can offer to business CBRTP – work, opinions of cooperating companies CBRTP is a unit that can prove to be a valuable support in the development of innovation in the company. It plays the role of an integrator between the worlds of science and business.

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Providing industrial and technological solutions with a high degree of innovation. They are able to bring real economic and business benefits to the company. Importantly, CBRTP is not limite to any industry. So far, this unit has benefite from: companies photo editor from the automotive, energy, paper, construction and composite industries, as well as plastics processing and candle production. What else is known about CBRTP: work, customer opinions , but also numerous awards that this unit has won so far, are the final confirmation of the effectiveness of its activities. The awards include for his contribution to cooperation between industry and the world of science and research.

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An also for the implementation of development work that resulte in effects of international importance. CBRTP as an external R&D department Many companies treat cooperation with. CBRTP as a better alternative to the company’s internal research and development department. Why? For a simple reason. CBRTP is a large unit whose executive team consists of over 50 highly qualifie and experience DZB Directory specialists – researchers, engineers and electronics engineers. You no longer nee to create your own team and risk that their work will not bring the expecte results and the costs will excee the expecte benefits.

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