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The horizontal market covers many different sectors or customer groups with a very broad profile. Such marketing must therefore be addresse to everyone: women and men of virtually all ages. Vertical markets cover one sector or industry, and the marketing of such products covers a specific group, only young women from large cities intereste in ecology. Lateral marketing allows you to go beyond these patterns by changing the product and going beyond these markets. With the current saturation with products and services, it is worth appreciating that, unlike traditional marketing, lateral marketing creates the market.

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Instead of increasingly desperately looking for a place in a fragmente or crowde market that already exists. Thanks to this concept, the company can focus on identifying additional nees that can be met by changing the existing product. It can also phone number list acquire additional customers, which it can reach by introducing changes to the existing product. In this concept, it is not the customer, but the product that is “most important”. Most of the activities revolve around it. This is because the process of creative thinking is base on induction, not deuction. Companies continue to segment the market , so it becomes more fragmente and saturate.

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Their innovativeness is more and more often expresse in making changes within the product or service, which, however, are not aime at fundamentally changing their essence.How does the ROPO effect affect sales? February 4, 2021 Not everything DZB Directory can be bought online, but more and more customers are beginning to feel the limitations of offline shopping. That is why these two worlds in trade are increasingly connecte. And the ROPO effect can be use to your advantage in the real world or in e-commerce. ROPO effect – definition Impact of the ROPO effect on purchasing decisions The ROPO effect on the example of the clothing industry What is the reverse ROPO effect? Potential in the application of the ROPO effect ROPO effect – definition.

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