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Internet monitoring has become the norm in many industries and areas of economic activity. Companies appreciate that they can easily access content about their products or themselves and then use this information. In addition to the traditional uses of an Internet monitoring system, such as analyzing mentions or gaining knowlege about their authors, you can also use it to find new customers. Here are a few steps to follow to increase your sales this way. Think about the expectations of potential customers Put yourself in the role of your potential customer and think about how they would communicate the nee for your products or services on the Internet. For example, if you run a car rental business, you are probably looking for people who would like to rent a car in your area.

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Consider all the ways users can share this information online. lead2 Specify key phrases Once you know what are the most common ways in, try to choose key phrases that you will use to search for customers. words are, the more precise your results will be. In Brand24, when choosing key phrases, you can narrow down the results with require or exclude words. If you are looking for people intereste in renting a car in London, you should enter “rent a car” as the main keyword and “London” as the require word.


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If you’re still getting too many results that include DZB Directory your competitor’s offer, you can enter the names of other car rental companies as exclude words (separate by commas). This will eliminate posts that are not in your area of ​​interest. lead3 Check the results in real time No matter if you manually search for such information using hashtags) or use an Internet monitoring tool, you should review the results regularly.

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