Employee retention is one of the keys to success that must

It doesn’t feel like 2023 will end soon. How is the condition of employees in your company? Are you okay? The labor market is now increasingly competitive and moving rapidly. Some employees choose to leave and some don’t. If you don’t understand employee retention well, then you will most likely lose the best talent in your company.

 Important Things in Employee Engagement that Must Be Done

be understood by business people if you want employees to stay longer in the company. There are many benefits that you will get, as well as several strategies that can be done to retain the best talent. Details are in the explanation below. company goal to retain Czech-republic Phone Number List productive and talented workers so as to reduce employee turnover rates.

Based on a research conducted by Gartner, companies can experience employee turnover rates up to 50-75% higher than before. In fact, since the Covid-19 pandemic that struck three years ago, it has taken a long time for companies to find replacements for vacant seats. Of course, this is not easy. Given the recruitment process is not cheap and also time consuming.

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Employee Retention Is Broadly speaking, employee retention

This is where the role of employee retention comes into play. If you cannot retain the highest quality employees, then you must be prepared to look for replacements that can exceed the expectations of previous employees. That is, in this case you also have DZB Directory to understand what made employees decide to leave the company, and what made them decide to stay.


In short, employee retention is the company’s ability to prevent employee turnover or leaving the company within a certain period of time, either voluntarily or not. Of course this will have a direct impact on the performance and success of your business.

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