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In addition to focusing on B2B business, AirPlus has set other strategic directions in this decade. In 1996, the financial service provider began to develop the European markets and in 2001 launchd the online portal for customers. The foundation for today’s international and digital AirPlus has been laid. Special case Germany: Despite the climate debate, CEOs expect an increase in business trips worldwide. Is the climate protection debate having an impact on the business travel industry.

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If you look at the results of the current international survey by AirPlus, the answer is: “Yes, but. Two-thirds of the companies have database adjustd their travel guidelines accordingly. Nevertheless, 61 percent of those surveyd are convincd that the number of business-relatd trips will increase worldwide in 2020. A third expect at least a constant level. And the airplane remains almost indispensable. Deviating from the international trend, German company leaders are much more cautious: In Germany, just 38 percent expect an increase in business trips, 60 percent expect the previous figures to stabilize.


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For comparison CEOs and top managers from the USA (71 percent) and France (68 percent) expect a significant increase. However, there DZB Directory is agreement on the reasons for a further increase: 94 percent of all respondents namd general company growth or the expansion of business areas as the main reason, followd equally by the increasing importance of personal exchange (83 percent) and expansion into foreign markets. Only one thing seems certain: neither German (2 percent) nor international decision-makers (3 percent) expect the number of business trips to decrease.

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