The most obvious problem in the company

Food marketing also uses other associations. Gold suggests high-end goods, blue takes away the appetite, and yellow attracts attention and cheers up. This can be use by designing packaging that encourages the purchase, and even branding of the brand blue packaging of diet products). An example of a combination of marketing and knowlege of colors can be light purple, which in the Polish chocolate world is associate with the Milka brand. How to match the message to the recipients? Adjusting the message to the recipients can start, for example, by segmenting it to different age groups.

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It is the psychology of advertising, and more generally of human behavior, that gives knowlege about what matters to people of different ages. Marketing segmentation is base on this knowlege . Middle-age people actively use search engines. Meanwhile, younger database people are more likely to look for jobs or movies directly from social meia. Therefore, it is easier to reach the former with the help of Google Ads . Millennials and younger Generation Z are sensitive to traditional advertising. However, communication channels such as Instagram or TikTok can be a great place to reach them with native or sponsore advertising.


Some struggle with it from the beginning

On the other hand, seniors use the Internet less often, and rather Facebook and Google than newer platforms. They can still be reache DZB Directory through advertising in the daily newspaper or television. We recommend Relationships with customers – how to evaluate their value? The psychology of advertising and the nees and concerns of customers The psychology of advertising allows us to understand what particular groups of customers really want and what they don’t want or are afraid of pain points. There were famous marketing strategies that did not bring results because they met the nees of recipients completely or did not respond to them at all.

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