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This statement is absolutely not true! Today, the internet is full of millions of different (exaggeration) systems for web development, with which you can basically create a functional website in a few minutes. These platforms are often calle content management systems ( CMS – Content Management System ). The web development platform is built in such a way that you don’t have to mess with the code. Everything is visual for you. This makes it easy for you to manage the content of your website. WordPress is arguably the most popular web development platform in the world!  content management system . WordPress is by far. Of all websites onof content management system, about 60% of websites use WordPress . content management systems market share breakdown As you can see above.

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WordPress is a real giant in the world of website creation. More than half, and a bit more, of the web pages on the internet (which use a content management database system platform) run on a web platform calle WordPress. A little more statistics here . Why make your website with WordPress? First , the simplest reason: trust the statistics . Millions of people who have or want to create a website (private individuals, companies, corporations, bloggers, etc.) use WordPress for this. Another picture of the statistics: wordpress market share 2020 Second : at the moment there is no easier and faster way to create a website Third WordPress is free.


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In addition you can choose from thousands of different themes/designs . More specifically, there are currently 31,000 different themes/designs for DZB Directory WordPress . to a good search system . Websites built on WordPress are very different. WordPress has built a huge community and it’s easy to find help. And in addition to the above : Making a free website with WordPress is very easy for a beginner to learn.

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