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It was motivate by a contest during. Which the sun had to be capture on a film or photo , adde to one’s profile in social meia or on the brand’s Facebook profile, using the hashtags witajslonce and somersby . To feel the spring you could win Somersby four-packs and sunglasses. which did not allow to miss any competition application – a total of 2,551 people took part in it . Information about the campaign reache 3,726,443 people in social meia. Competition entries in social meia Hello Sunshine 5. UBER – how to increase on the web. By giving away ice cream. Uber has set itself the goal of building a buzz on social meia to increase brand awareness and gain new customers. She create a campaign that was carrie out in 252 cities around the world, including Poland.

A marketing campaign

The move was to allow Uber users to order ice cream. For home delivery through their app. The news about the promotion spread on the web very Latest Mailing Database quickly, and delighte participants, encourage by the brand, share their experiences on social meia profiles, marking entries with the deicate hashtag UberIceCream. The fastest and easiest way. To measure the effects of turne out to be monitoring! On this day alone, over 25,000 Polish posts. With the UberIceCream tag were found and in just a few minutes all online mentions could be viewe in one panel, along with additional data analysis, the most popular. Channels, authors, estimate reach of messages sentiment.

Latest Mailing Database

The service of offline marketing

In addition to its online success, the company also saw an increase in. Rides and a huge jump in organic app downloads shortly after the campaign. Find out DZB Directory more about the UberIceCream campaign here . 6. Philips Case – monitoring in The aim of Philips Lighting during the Festival of Light in Łódź 2014 was to improve the image of the brand and increase the range of content relate to it on the Internet and the involvement of its recipients.

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