Shin Osaka Station Travel Guide

In Japanese, the word shin means “new”, and this term is very appropriate for the modern train station in Osaka. Shin-Osaka Station can be reached by one of Japan’s famous Shinkansen bullet trains .

This Station May Be Relatively Small Compared to the Massive. Stations in Kyoto and Tokyo, but It’s Cleverly Designed to Make It Easy for First-time Travelers to Find Their Way Around.

Osaka is Japan’s Second Largest City , but Shin-osaka Station is Located. On the Quieter, More Peaceful Side of the City. It is Likely. That You Will Pass Through This Station When You Travel to Osaka, Its Location a Perfect. Springboard to Start Your Travels

With your Japan Rail Pass traveling in Japan is easy and affordable

The JR Pass is valid on most Shinkansen and JR trains.

Three Shinkansen lines connect to Shin-Osaka Latest Mailing Database Station, the Tokaido, Kyushu, and Sanyo lines . The Tokaido Line connects to Tokyo in the eastern part, the Kyushu Line to Hiroshima , and the Sanyo Line goes to Fukuoka in the western part.

If you go to Osaka with a Shinkansen bullet train, you will definitely use it to arrive at Shin-Osaka station.

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Local trains and fast trains use this station but are not included in the JR Pass. The Midosuji subway line, part of the Osaka municipal subway system, is located on the second floor of the station and provides direct access to Namba .

Shin Osaka Station is a four story building Most areas are signposted in English

Latest Mailing Database

Japanese to help everyone find the right entrance and platform . You DZB Directory Will Be Able to Find Bilingual Maps. Of the Stations on Each Floor and You Will. Also See That They Use Identifying Icons. However, Such as a Blue Square. With a Picture of a Shinkansen Train to Indicate the Location of the Train.

To access the Shin-Osaka trains, access the third floor entrance : South or Central gate for the Shinkansen, and the East Gate for other trains. However, JR Pass holders can use the Shinkansen gates without buying a Shinkansen ticket, just show your pass.

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