If you haven’t used referral marketing programs for business

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In fact, 84% of customers trust recommendations given by

trusted people to make a purchase of a product and/or service. Be it friends, relatives or family. As a business actor, of course you have to take advantage of this by using a referral marketing program to get new customers and also retain old ones.

In fact, referral marketing programs and customer loyalty programs are two powerful and effective strategies for generating word-to-mouth Board Members Email List promotions. The results that you will get later are increased brand awareness, customer retention, to an increased amount of income.

Then you are far behind. But don’t worry, Benefit One Indonesia will help you to understand the concept of referral marketing. Details are below!

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What is Referral Marketing Program?
Referral marketing program is an effort made to encourage old customers to recommend products and/or services from a company to friends and others. Either online (such as social media, chat applications, email, and others) or offline (mouth-to-mouth, direct recommendations, and others).

The main goal of the referral marketing program is to increase customer lifetime value and also increase customer retention rates. Did you know that loyal customers are 10x more valuable than new customers? In addition, this strategy is also quite affordable DZB Directory  because you don’t have to pay more to market new or old products and/or services.

Coupled with research that as much as 18% of Gen Z prefer direct promotions or word-to-mouth to find and buy a product and/or service. This cannot be ignored because it can increase conversion rates by up to 31%. Even bigger than other marketing channels.

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