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A digital coupon is a discount code for products and/or services offered by companies to provide satisfying discounts to their customers. The way it works is the same as physical coupons in general. The difference is that there is a QR code or barcode that can be scanned to activate the coupon.

Another definition of digital coupons is discounts, offers and promotions offered by online stores to customers and potential customers. The goal is to attract their attention so they want to make purchases at the store.

this digital coupon is that it is not easily lost

Because it is stored in electronic form in e-mail or third-party applications. The way it works is very easy. You only need to provide a unique code in the coupon which can later be exchanged for a discount or free gift when a customer makes a purchase transaction.

If you haven’t started implementing digital coupons, then you Chief and VP of Training Email Lists are missing some of the benefits that can be obtained. Like:

Increase sales by providing attractive offers
Bring in more customers
Directing traffic to the website
Increase brand awareness through social media
Clean up product stock that is too old
Build a positive image related to business
How? Are you interested in trying it?

Differences in the Application of Digital Coupons and Physical Coupons

The biggest question is whether the coupon application is still valid and important? The answer is yes. This is because almost all customers in the world are always looking for coupons to get the best deals for the purchases they make. In this case, you must take advantage of existing statistical data to plan marketing strategies so that you can generate large income.

So what’s the difference between digital coupons DZB Directory and physical coupons? Despite having the same purpose, there are some fundamental differences between the two types of coupons. Like:

Implementing physical coupons costs a lot. You have to think about the cost of printing it, inserting it into the product, and distributing it to customers. In addition, the existence of physical coupons tends to delay purchasing decisions, which can reduce sales. Not to mention the target customers who are not on target.

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