From standard modes like “Multiply”

Screen to creative modes like “Overlay” and “Soft Light. Blending modes offer endless possibilities for combining and blending different elements seamlessly. Opacity and Fill Layers in Photoshop have both opacity and fill settings. Opacity controls the transparency of the entire layer. While fill affects the transparency of the layer’s content, excluding layer styles and blending effects. By adjusting these settings, you can control the visibility and appearance of individual layers in your composition.

Layer Masks Layer masks are a

Powerful non-destructive editing tool in Photoshop. With layer masks, you can hide or reveal parts of a layer without permanently erasing any content. This allows for precise control over what appears in. The final image, making it easy to create seamless composites and edits. Adjustment Image Masking Service Layers Adjustment layers are a unique type of layer that. Applies non-destructive adjustments to the layers below them. These adjustments include changes to brightness, contrast, color balance, and more.

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The benefit of using adjustment layers is

That you can modify the adjustments at any time without affecting the original content. Smart Objects Smart Objects are layers that preserve the original image data, allowing you to. Perform non-destructive DZB Directory transformations and filters. When resizing a Smart Object, you won’t lose image quality, and you can edit the contents of the Smart Object separately from the main document. Layer Styles and Effects

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