Create a Referral Marketing Program

That Can Generate Conversions
The next way to create a referral marketing program is to create a program that can generate conversions. That is, you have to create an attractive visual design to promote this program. This also relates to how a person will interact.

Make sure that all messages and elements that will be

conveyed can be easily understood and understood by customers. At the same time, you also have to provide various options for sharing the referral code. Don’t forget to include a call to action to encourage customers to do what they want.

Take Advantage and Use Third Party Applications General Manager Email List to Create Referral Marketing Programs
Finally, the way to create a referral marketing program that you can do is use a third-party application. The advantage of this method is that you can create applications specifically designed to take care of this program. Then you can also easily track the latest activity done by customers. How many refer your business, how many new customers buy, to find out the preferences of each customer.

Another advantage is that you will get an additional

support team that will help during the referral marketing program process. One provider that provides applications like this is Benefit One Indonesia. By using an API that can be connected DZB Directory directly to the dashboard, it allows you to get definite results in real time.

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Creating a Referral Marketing Program with Benefit One Indonesia
Benefit One Indonesia invites you to get to know dan engage with internal and external customers. Supported by more knowledge and insight about customers.


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