JR Namba Station in Osaka Complete Guide

Located in the south central Osaka , Namba is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the city. In the heart of the city, Namba pulsates with its own life and in a unique way. It is a leisure area, with a large number of shops and restaurants, including the well-known Dotonbori avenue and canal.

Your JR Pass is the best way to get around Japan. If you visit the Namba Osaka area, Namba Station, please note the following guidelines on the following lines.

Shinkansen lines cannot be accessed directly from JR Namba Station

To board the Shinkansen bullet trains, you’ll first Phone Number List need to travel to Shin-Osaka Station .

Other JR lines
This is the station of the Kansai Main Line, also called the Yamatoji Line. It provides access to Nara Prefecture by both local and rapid trains.

Access to the Osaka Loop Line is available one stop from JR Namba Station. This line is a must for travelers as it reaches many of Osaka ‘s tourist hotspots .

Non-JR lines
If you need to change to a train that is not on the JR lines, these stations are a ten-minute walk from Namba station.

Station provides access to Wakayama Prefecture and Kansai

Phone Number List

Airport on the Nankai Train Lines.
Osaka Namba Station (sometimes called DZB Directory Kintetsu Namba Station) accommodates both the Kintetsu Lines and the Hanshin Lines, which go to Nara, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Kobe.
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From JR Namba Station, you will also have access to the direct bus terminal and limousine buses to Kansai and Itami airports.

Things to do around JR Namba Station
Dotonbori neon lights in Osaka

The OCAT building , of which the JR Namba station is a part, is located in the western part of Namba, a very quiet area. It is also home to a six-story shopping mall , packed with shops. and a bus terminal. The OCAT offers musical performances, and Ponte Square is a place where freestyle (street) dance competitions are held every August.

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