How they celebrate Christmas in Japan

Christmas is Here! Although in Japan It is Not a National Holiday. Since Only 1% of the Population is Christian, Christmas is Present Throughout the Country.

If You Visit Japan at This Time of Year. You Will Find Many Things Traditionally Associated. With Christmas: the Decorations, the Christmas Markets and of Course a Massive Effort in Lighting.

Also, You Will Be Able to Discover the Country’s Own Japanese. Traditions, Full of Charm and Attractiveness , Which, Although Different. From What We Are Used to, Represent the Christmas Spirit in the Country of the Rising Sun.

To live the authentic experience of Christmas in Japan you cannot miss your

Japan Rail Pass . You will be able to travel all over the Database country by train! Without a doubt, this is the easiest and most affordable way to see and experience Japan.Christmas in Japan is celebrated in the opposite way to how we do it in the West.

In Japan, Christmas is a date to enjoy with your partner or friends : meetings, dinners and lots of parties.

Instead, New Year is a home celebration , ideal for gathering all family members, going to the temple, and welcoming the New Year with traditional food and drinks.

Christmas Eve in Japan is considered the most romantic time of the year . It’s the Japanese version of Valentine’s Day.

Japanese couples, especially younger ones, reserve tables at restaurants, shops sell romantic Christmas gifts, and streets are decorated to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Every Christmas it is estimated that more than 3.6 million Japanese families


Purchase their festive menu at the American chain DZB Directory Kentucky Fried Chicken . This tradition is sacred and is considered the largest Christmas representation in the country.

The Demand is So High That People Begin to Order the Menus. Six Weeks in Advance, and the Queue on Christmas. Day to Collect the Order Can Last for Hours. Simply Put, Christmas Isn’t Complete Without a Visit With Colonel Sanders.

But Why is This Happening? We Can Find the Reason by. Going Back in Time More Than 40 Years, When the First Manager. Of Kfc in the Country, Takeshi Okawara, Had an Idea Called “christmas Bucket” , Shortly After the Company Opened Stores in Japan in 1970.

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