How To Improve Shopee Products To Get More Views

Shopee continues to be a strong ecommerce platform player with a growing number of 500 million users in Southeast Asia.

In 2020, Shopee has overtaken Lazada in terms of number of website visits and reached $35.4 billion in gross merchandising sales.

Their wide product selection, plus marketing tactics combined with entertainment (Shopee Livestream, Shopee Quiz, Flash Sales, etc.) makes them a better choice during quarantine.

With the strong scale of Shopee’s online presence, there is no doubt that Shopee is the online marketplace of choice especially for those who are still newbies to online selling.

However, like any leading online marketplace, Shopee sellers face constant competition and price wars.

To help Shopee sellers, Shopee introduced the Boost function.

In this blog we will show you how to use Shopee’s Boost function in conjunction with the Split Dragon tool so you can get more views on your products even if you are just a new seller. Split Dragon auto tool.

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How to increase your product in Shopee search results

Once you have set up your online store on Shopee, the real challenge begins. Your next goal is to ensure that your product reaches online shoppers.

Visibility is key to getting traffic. And you can do that by appearing in the top search recommendations or by appearing on the first page of search results.

But how do you do this exactly?

There are several in-app campaigns you can use on Shopee, but in this blog, we will highlight the Boost function.

But first, what is the boost now on Shopee?

Boost is a function in Shopee Latest Mailing Database that will help place your product at the top of category search results.

But of course, there are limitations:Each seller is given 5 slots for 5 products. Each slot can be upgraded at any time, but boosters last only 4 hours.

This means you can only upgrade up to 5 products every 4 hours. Once you reach the limit, the “Boost” option will be disabled.

You can easily keep track using the countdown timer under the “More” drop-down menu.

How to upgrade items in Shopee

Latest Mailing Database


To boost products, go to your Shopee Seller Center. In the sidebar menu, click “My Products”.

  1. Find the specific product you want to promote. Under the “Options” column, click “More” to open a drop-down menu.
  2. Click “Boost Now” and get more views on a particular product!

But pay attention:

Since the Boost function is free, Shopee will still prioritize Paid Ads. So it is expected that Paid Ads products will rank higher.

Also, if your competitors are using DZB Directory Paid Ads and boost functionality, it’s highly unlikely that your product will be visible in the first few items at the top of search results.

Is there a Shopee autoboost?

Unfortunately no. In the Shopee boost function, to do manual boosting. But there are third party tools available which can upgrade your product automatically like Shopee Split Dragon Autoboost Tool.

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