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Employee Birthday
Today, many companies celebrate the birthdays of their employees. From the employee side, this can help them to know more about the company and also make them feel special on their special day.

Employee Appreciation DayEmployee Anniversary

You can give employee appreciation days by following national dates or by making your own specifically at the company. You can use this day to reward Croatia Phone Number List exemplary employees. Apart from that, you can also throw a small party to celebrate with other employees.

recognition is on employee anniversaries. For example like every one year, three years, five years working in the company, and so on. This can make them feel appreciated for the contribution and hard work that has been given to the company. Moreover, this can encourage them to continue working at the company.

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Project CompletionEnd of yearEmployee Evaluation

It is undeniable that a long project can put a lot of pressure and the process is not fast. Therefore when they have successfully completed it well, don’t forget to give appreciation and appreciation.

Usually, the end of the year is closing for the company in some way. Covering finances, projects, employee appreciation, and many more. You can DZB Directory take advantage of this by holding a small award ceremony. You can give bonuses to exemplary employees if you want.


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