Enabling Customer Experience Gamification

One more reason for gamification in customer loyalty programs is that it allows gamification of their experience. This method is the easiest if you want to detect which things customers like the most and which ones want more experience. Always pay attention to the review and review columns given by customers to make personalized content even better.

The Best Features of Gamification in a Customer Loyalty Program
Broadly speaking, non-game gamification content is content that contains several things that customers must do. Starting from filling in the comments column, giving reviews and five stars, liking the content you upload, sharing it on social media, and much more.

Here are some of the best gamification features in a customer loyalty program that you can do. Includes

Challenges and Badges
The first features you can apply are challenges and badges. The goal is to encourage repeat behavior by giving customers a sense of accomplishment for completing challenges. Later you can provide challenges that must be completed. Every single challenge VP Communications Officer Email Lists that is successfully completed, they will get a badge or badges. From low to high rank. The more challenges that are completed, the rank of their badge will also be higher.

Social Interaction As Gamification Content in Customer Loyalty Programs
Social media is one of the factors that strengthens business relationships with customers. You can take advantage of this moment to achieve several goals. For example, to receive feedback, get insight and knowledge related to customers, mouth-to-mouth promotions, and others. You can turn customers into supporters of your business by providing rewards.

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Quizzes and Surveys as Gamification Content in Customer Loyalty Programs

Next, you can try creating quiz and survey content. Because customers prefer and are interested in fun content. Create an attractive visual design. The content can be in the form of quizzes or surveys. Ask customers to participate. This can also increase customer engagement.

Treasure Hunts!
Generally, gamification content like this treasure hunt is mineinvite customers to search for tagged products. When they find it, then there are prizes that can be exchanged immediately. The main purpose of this feature is to allow customers to see other DZB Directory products they might like and want to buy. So that it can help increase product sales.

Leaderboards or Leaderboards
The gamification feature in the customer loyalty program this time is suitable for you, which includes the score or value for each customer. Can be based on the most purchases, the number of points collected, the number of challenges completed, or others. The point is to invite customers to continue to compete and get new prizes.

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