E commerce For Business

According to Statista, ecommerce revenue is expected to show a yearly growth rate of 14.56%, resulting in a projected market volume of $1,365.00 billion by 2025 — which goes to show that ecommerce is no passing trend. Especially with the rise of omnichannel shopping experiences, digital buyers should expect to be able to research, browse, shop and purchase seamlessly between different devices and on various commerce platforms. Other trends to watch for in the future of ecommerce include…….

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  • Robust customer journeys and personalization.
  • Artificial intelligence-enabled shopping.
  • Social shopping.
  • Mobile commerce.
  • Digital currencies, such as mobile wallets and cryptocurrency. 

Overall, we have to remember that ecommerce is still fairly new in the big picture of retail. The future holds endless opportunity, but its success and continuation will depend largely on buyers’ preferences in the future.


The B2B ecommerce space is growing fast and buyers have high expectations. Let’s take a look at the different types of B2B ecommerce, as well as common misconceptions and some

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