Design and construction are

Design and construction are.OKNOPLAST and BIMobject cooperation for a quarter of a century. If, in the year of its the birthday. OKNOPLAST’s offices recall a quarter of a century full of success, it would be fully justify. But something that distinguishes the most ambitious companies is that they constantly look ahead. It was in , when the brand celebrat its th anniversary, that the pro ecological Prismatic window was present. At that time, the offer includ the first garage door in history, which was one of the most important stages in the company’s strategy. Finally, in , OKNOPLAST decid to enter the BIMobject platform.

Construction is completed

The decision to cooperate with BIMobject confirm. Our belief that photo editing servies focusing on digital development will be one of the most important issues in the construction industry. OKNOPLAST is a brand that not only wants to follow global trends, but also set new directions and be one step ahead of the upcoming changes on the market”, explains Magdalena Cero Cuba. Tonoplast window BIM as a catalyst for cooperation Establishing a presence in the customer’s awareness as well as efficient cooperation in the era of dynamic digitalization is a challenge that is difficult to cope with without the appropriate support.

Cooperation with BIMobject is proof

OKNOPLAST, as a modern and progress orient company. Takes DZB Directory care of this aspect with unflagging enthusiasm. One of the proofs of which is the establishment of cooperation with BIMobject. “BIMobject supports both sales processes and reaching customer awareness, as well as establishing cooperation with partners from the construction market. Numerous signals from the market and the eager use of our product models indicate that contact and cooperation with architects and construction experts via it actually works,” says Cero Cuba. Investment in digitalization? This pays off! Not only customers, but also experts from the construction industry, are recipients with high requirements.

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