Creating a Culture of Self Improvement

Did you know that high employee retention rates can lead to productivity and morale? Therefore, to prevent this, you can start by giving praise that can motivate them to improve their performance.

Next, the benefit of employee recognition is that it can create a culture of self-improvement. Giving praise and/or recognition to employees can encourage them to always make self-improvement. For example, such as honing new skills and knowledge related to work.

Having Purpose in EmployeesLowering Employee Retention Rates

One more benefit of employee recognition is that employees feel they have a purpose in the company. This can happen when they see the impact of the hard work that has been done on the company. How their contribution plays a big role in Colombia Phone Number List company goals, and so on. So that it can increase work productivity.

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When is the Best Time to Give Employee Recognition?
6 Forms of Employee Recognition for Your Employees
Before we discuss the best time to provide employee recognition, have you ever wondered who gives employee recognition? Basically, this practice is carried out by the company’s superiors when the employee’s hard work produces significant results. But increasingly here, the practice is increasinglyare being opposed.

Here are some of the best times to provide employee recognition

The reason is, everyone in the company can give recognition to anyone. Both formally and informally. By creating an environment like this, you play a role in establishing a culture of employee recognition for everyone in the company. It should be underlined that recognition from co-workers can play a major role in helping employees feel valued for their work.


Providing Employee Recognition on the First Day or Week of Work
The first best time to provide employee DZB Directory recognition is on the first day or week of employment. This is part of the new employee orientation process that must be considered. Because when they feel appreciated from the start, this can help them feel accepted, encourage them to be more involved, and give their best for the company.

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