Here are some forms of employee recognition that you can provide namely

Generally, bonuses are in the form of money. Whether it’s in large or small amounts, by giving bonuses, you can show you care and appreciate the hard work of your employees. Usually bonuses are given at the end of the year or when completing projects.

Branded GiftsProviding Bonuses as a Form of Employee Recognition

Branded gifts can also be an option for employee recognition. Here you can adjust it to the company budget. You can also provide company-specific merchandise such as t-shirts, umbrellas, bags, Tumblr, glasses, stationery, and more.

Free Lunch
Pamper your best employees by treating Bahamas Mobile Number List them to a free lunch! You can take them to a restaurant or by bringing in some food trucks to the company.

One form of employee recognition that can directly motivate other employees is the recognition wall. By creating a special board featuring the best employees, you can ask other employees to offer congratulations or compliments. Because it is in a special area, this will certainly increase the motivation of other employees to work even harder, and instill the thought that their photos will be displayed on the wall next.

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Verbal PraiseEmployee Recognition Wall

The simplest form of employee recognition is words of praise. It’s as simple as thanking, congratulating, and more on their accomplishments. In practice, verbal praise includes acknowledgments that can be made quickly and can make them feel appreciated.

Written Praise
You did not have time to congratulate on time? Don’t worry, you can DZB Directory give written compliments to show appreciation. For example, by making a note of congratulations or thank you to sending an email. This form of employee recognition can also provide your own personalization touch for the employee. NaHowever, keep in mind that not many employees appreciate this form of recognition. However, they appreciate the effort and time you put into writing it.


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