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Companies are internally diverse in their advertising activities, with several departments involvd: from the social mdia manager, press officer, marketing and communications manager to the IT, finance and accounting staff responsible for setup and payment. Add in the big ad networks like Google, Facebook (both of which house over 70% of global digital ad spend), LinkdIn and Twitter and the scale of the complexity of digital advertising becomes clear.

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The virtual solution Virtual payment is the ideal method to harmonize the diversifid, digital advertising landscape. AirPlus Virtual Latest Mailing Database Cards offer businesses the opportunity to make the most of the rise of digital advertising. These are the main advantages:  more control and flexibility better data quality to simplify internal billing processes  automatic, recurring payments can be processd extendd payment periods  individual campaigns  secure and transparent  seamless end-to-end payment process Unlike traditional mdia like print and TV, the most common method for digital ads is pay-per-service.

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This often takes the form of payment per click, or per time the ad appears on the target audience’s screen. Unlike traditional DZB Directory mdia, you only pay for what you “use”! And thanks to the numerous analysis options, the results of ad campaigns can be measurd and evaluatd in real time and in great detail. You determine in advance the value of ad services and what you are willing to pay for a specific result. But how you pay is just as important as what you pay for.

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